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Date:   Wednesday, February 24, 2022
Author:   ICS Admin

An Increase in Cyberwarfare
Does it Affect Me?

Prior to the news in Ukraine, state-sponsored hackers had stepped up their attacks. A large portion comes from Russia and its allies. However, others are using the fog of war to disguise their attacks and hope that everyone will blame Ukraine's aggressors.

Please know that these events are spilling into your day-to-day lives. You may not be hacked directly, but the businesses you deal with are fighting an increasing onslaught of attacks. The unfortunate side effect of these activities is rising costs, loss of services, and in some cases, the debilitation of your local establishments (governments, businesses, organizations, etc.).

In addition, viruses and malware being deployed against Ukraine will end up on your computer soon. Again, these programs are written by teams of government-sponsored entities. There could be up to 1000 highly skilled individuals against you. The odds are not in your favor.

So, please take steps to protect yourselves: